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San Rafael Police Department

San Rafael Police Department

For Immediate Release

Author: Sergeant Justin Graham
Date: June 20, 2024 12:30 PM
Case Number: SR24-03460, SR24-03475

SRPD Arrests Family Members Connected to Set of Stolen Vehicle Cases

San Rafael, CA – SRPD officers successfully apprehended three suspects, identified as family members, in connection with two separate stolen vehicle cases.   On 06/19/2024, Letta Neka Glover, a 53-year-old San Rafael resident, her daughter Diehima Sharie Collins, a 34-year-old San Rafael resident, were arrested for being in possession of a stolen vehicle, leading police on a chase, and for additional charges.  Then, on 06/20/2024, Deandre Ronell Lowery, a 38-year-old San Rafael resident identified as the son of Gover, was arrested for also being in possession of a stolen vehicle, leading officers in a brief chase, along with additional charges.  All three suspects were booked into the Marin County Jail. 

On Wednesday, 06/19/2024, just before 2:30 PM, the San Rafael Police Department’s automated license plate reader (ALPR) camera network alerted to a stolen vehicle in the area of Second Street and Irwin Street.  SRPD Officers responded in and around the area to locate the vehicle.  An officer briefly observed the vehicle in downtown San Rafael, but it disappeared before it could be stopped.

Minutes later, the vehicle was captured by another ALPR camera on Manuel T. Freitas Parkway. Officers promptly responded to the area.  The vehicle, occupied by Glover and Collins, was located.  When officers attempted to stop the stolen vehicle, Collins accelerated.  Officers successfully deployed tire deflation spikes that Collins tried to evade, resulting in a collision with another vehicle. Despite this, Collins managed to reverse and flee again, leading officers in a vehicle pursuit that extended southbound onto the US-101 Freeway.  At one point, the deflated tire came off.  The vehicle exited the freeway back into downtown San Rafael and eventually pulled over on the southbound Hetherton Avenue on-ramp.  Glover and Collins were arrested without incident and booked into the Marin County Jail.  It was determined that the vehicle had been stolen from Newark.  No one was injured in the collision.

On Thursday, 06/20/2024, at 6:20 AM, SRPD received a call from a victim reporting that their vehicle had been stolen from the 4200 block of Redwood Highway in San Rafael’s Terra Linda area.  About an hour later, the victim called back and reported that they had just observed the stolen vehicle drive by.

SRPD Officers arrived within minutes and found the vehicle occupied by Lowery.  Lowery and the stolen vehicle were still in the office complex parking lot in the 4200 block of Redwood Highway.  Lowery attempted to evade officers by driving further to the rear of the parking lot.  Lowery jumped out of the vehicle on foot and ran toward a nearby creek.  Officers established a perimeter and requested additional assistance from the Marin County Sheriff’s Office. 

During this time, witnesses notified officers that the suspect had entered the creek area between the 4200 block of Redwood Highway and Mitchell Boulevard.  An MCSO Deputy checking the end of Mitchell Boulevard observed Lowery and gave chase.  Lowery ran back into the creek area and got stuck in waist-deep mud.  Lowery was eventually removed from the mud and arrested without incident.  Lowery was booked into the Marin County Jail.

Officers searched the stolen vehicle that was driven by Lowery and found stolen property that was connected to at least four auto burglaries.  Lowery is also believed to be involved with three additional attempted stolen vehicle cases.  This is an active and ongoing investigation. 

In conclusion, Letta Oneka Glover was charged with felony possession of a stolen vehicle, felony evasion, and conspiracy to commit a criminal offense.  Diehima Sharie Collins was charged with felony possession of a stolen vehicle, felony evasion, hit-and-run vehicle, conspiracy to commit a criminal offense, and driving without a license.  Deandre Ronnel Lowery has been charged with felony possession of a stolen vehicle, possession of stolen property, obstructing a peace officer, and possession of a controlled substance/narcotic.  Lowery may face additional charges pending the results of the ongoing investigation.

Anyone with information about this crime is asked to call San Rafael Police at (415) 485-3000. Tips can also be made online at http://www.srpd.org/tips.

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Posted: June 20, 2024 7:33 PDT by Sergeant Justin Graham

Updated: June 20, 2024 7:44 PDT by Justin Graham


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