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Burglary Prevention Checklist

The burglary prevention checklist was designed to help you improve the security and safety for your home. The first purpose of a home security inspection is to identify features in your home or daily routines of your family, which might make your home an easy target for a burglar.


San Rafael Police Department

San Rafael Police Department



Emergency: 9-1-1

Non Emergency: (415) 485-3000

San Rafael Police Department
1400 Fifth Avenue
San Rafael, CA 94901

Lobby Hours:
Monday-Friday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Sunday: Closed

Emergency(415) 485-3393
Non Emergency(415) 485-3000
General Information:(415) 485-3000
General Inquiries:
Business Office(415) 485-3040
Commendations and ComplaintsClick Here
Community Outreach(415) 485-3114
Investigations(415) 485-3000
Parking ServicesClick Here
Personnel(415) 485-3031
Property/Evidence(415) 485-3022
Report Abandoned Vehicle(415) 485-3033
Records(415) 485-3000
Traffic(415) 485-3034
Training(415) 485-3000
Youth Services Bureau Supervisor(415) 485-3025

Email Directory

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Chief of PoliceDiana Bishop
Administrative Services Division:

CaptainGlenn McElderry
LieutenantDan Fink
LieutenantRogelio Leon
Detective SergeantTodd Berringer
Professional Standards SergeantScott Ingels
Support Services SupervisorCharles Taylor
Detective CorporalRonda Reese
Detective CorporalRobert Cleland
DetectivePhillip Melodia
School Resource OfficerAaron Piombo
Community Services OfficerLynette Starnes
Community Services OfficerAntonette Bullock
Background InvestigatorJohn Nunez
Administrative AssistantAnita Rose
Evidence TechnicianCharlotte Heitman
Evidence TechnicianJorge Navarro
CadetKevin Porter
CadetOrtiz-Rubio Genesis
Patrol Division:

CaptainDavid Starnes
LieutenantLisa Holton
LieutenantScott Eberle
SergeantWanda Spaletta
SergeantAlex Holm
SergeantJustin Graham
SergeantChristian Diaz
SergeantChristopher Coale
CorporalMichael Mathis
CorporalLilah Gavlick
CorporalChristopher Fuller
CorporalChristopher Duncan
CorporalBlake Delzell
CorporalJames Bellamy
OfficerMark Wilkinson
OfficerLorena Vega
OfficerJustin Schraeder
OfficerAnthony Scalercio
OfficerSebastian Sanchez
OfficerTravis Ruggles
OfficerDennis Prince
OfficerBuffy Paxson
OfficerBrian Patterson
OfficerLeslie O'Toole
OfficerOscar O'Con
OfficerKaitlin Maley
OfficerKevin MacDougald
OfficerKarl Luhmann
OfficerMarc Laplante
OfficerCheryl Kondratieff
OfficerRyan Hirschnitz
OfficerRobert Henkle
OfficerMichael Garrison
OfficerJames Dooley
OfficerHeinrich Cuddy
OfficerThomas Collins
OfficerEdward Chiu
OfficerJoseph Camins
OfficerRudolf Buhlman
OfficerZachary Brickell
OfficerAnthony Augustyn
OfficerElisha Adams

Field Training
OfficerJaime Guzman
OfficerEdgar Rodriguez
OfficerSteven Nash
OfficerScott Brooks
SergeantRaul Aguilar
OfficerSam Garanzini
OfficerJack Carpenter
Street Crimes Unit:
OfficerKevin Finerty
OfficerJustin Dodson
Special Operations Unit:
SergeantCarl Huber
OfficerTrevor Carney
OfficerScott Fisher
OfficerRemington Stobo
Mental Health Outreach ProviderLynn Murphy
Support Services SupervisorCharles Taylor
Records SpecialistLori Coen
Records SpecialistLynne Bracken
Records SpecialistRebecca Jensen
Records SpecialistCynthia Morgan
Records SpecialistElisa DeLaTorre
Records SpecialistDanielle Dennis
Records SpecialistGina Johnson
Administrative TechnicianBeth Minka
Support Services SupervisorCharles Taylor
Lead DispatcherPeggy Ruge
Lead DispatcherAlexis Nielsen
Communications DispatcherLori Hendricks
Communications DispatcherKathy Cronin
Communications DispatcherKelly Mauel
Communications DispatcherLisa McElroy
Communications DispatcherAnndora Lee
Communications DispatcherAnna Fulgado
Communications DispatcherJenna Cotta
Communications DispatcherSaskia Van Buuren
Communications DispatcherTeresa Hatcher
Communications DispatcherMegan Pietrelli