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Sign a Trespass Letter

A signed trespass letter gives the San Rafael Police Department authority to inspect your property for persons trespassing, sleeping, lodging, residing, or loitering, and to authorize the San Rafael Police Department to act as your agent for the purpose of enforcing the trespassing and unlawful lodging.

San Rafael Police Department

San Rafael Police Department


With the help of our community, we have developed a list of some frequently asked questions.

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About the Police Department

Community Policing


How do I contact the police department?

If you have an emergency, please dial 911.  Our non-emergency phone number is (415) 485-3000.

For additional contact information, or to send a message directly to a member of our department, please click here to visit our contact page.

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Where is the police department?

The San Rafael Police Department is located on the lowest level of City Hall, located at 1400 Fifth Avenue in San Rafael.  The entrance to the police department is at the intersection of Fifth Avenue and D Street.

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Crime Prevention

Online Reporting

Parking Services

Where can I pay a parking citation?

Parking Citation can be paid at 1033 C St San Rafael or www.citationprocessingcenter.com

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Is there an email address for the Alarm Permits department in order to send a formal billing address update?

Yes, if you have an alarm permit on file, you may email Anita Rose, or call 415-(415) 485-3009 to update your billing information?.

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Do I have to pay an alarm permit fee?

No, the only time you have to pay a fee is after your third false alarm which is $140.00

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Community Policing

Property and Evidence

What do I do if I find littered syringes (with or without needles)?

If you find any litter that is dangerous, and you are not comfortable disposing of it yourself, please contact the San Rafael Police Department at 415-485-3000.  Our officers are equipped to dispose of them properly.

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How do I get my property back?

If the property in question is evidence, the Marin County District Attorney’s Office must authorize its release. Otherwise, you must call the San Rafael Police Department at (415)-485-3000 to make an appointment to pick-up your property.   

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Red Light Camera

Do you have red light cameras?

The City of San Rafael no longer has red light cameras.

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While cleaning my garage, I found a gun in my house that belonged to my deceased relative. Can I turn it into the police department in person?

Yes, although we ask that you keep it locked up in the trunk with the ammunition separated from the weapon. An officer will walk with you to your parked vehicle to take possession of the gun. If you do not know whether the gun is loaded or not, leave the gun where it is in the trunk and an officer will be able to assist you with that. Otherwise, another option is to request to have an officer come to your San Rafael address. 

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Where can I get fingerprinted?

LIVESCAN is done at Marin County Sheriff's Office by appointment or you can find a location at this website https://oag.ca.gov/fingerprints/locations

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