Author: PIO Margo Rohrbacher
Date: August 15, 2012 2:30 PM
Case Number: SR12-6019

PG&E Imposter Determined Legitimate

San Rafael, CA – August 15, 2012.   A man who was possibly posing as a utility worker has been determined to be a legitimate contract employee of Pacific Gas and Electric Company.

On Saturday morning a Reservoir Road resident reported to police that a man came to her door and wanted to check her gas meter.  The man was wearing a safety vest and a lanyard around his neck.  He verbally identified himself as a PG&E employee but did not provide any type of picture ID.

The resident was understandably suspicious since she had not made a service request, and refused to allow him entry into her home.  The homeowner said that the man left in a silver SUV that had no markings on it and she provided a possible license plate number. 

In the interest of public safety, information about the incident was released to the community and the media.   Several people throughout Marin County called to report similar occurrences over the past week.  SRPD investigators, working closely with PG&E Security Services, followed up with all the callers.  In one instance a woman had taken a photo of the man’s car and the license plate.  Today police confirmed that the man in question is a legitimate contract employee of PG&E.  It is common practice for PG&E to use contract employees in the field and for those employees to use their personal vehicles for business. 

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