Author: PIO Margo Rohrbacher
Date: April 08, 2012 2:30 PM

Transit Corridor Operation Targets Crime in Downtown

San Rafael, CA – April 5, 2012.  San Rafael Police have completed the first phase of an operation aimed at curbing crime in the downtown transit center corridor. 

Earlier this year the City experienced an increase in violent crime in and around the C. Paul Bettini Transit Center, located in the city’s downtown.  The problems were concentrated in what was termed the “Transit Corridor,” the area extending west on Second and Third Streets from Tamalpais Avenue to B Street.

Police Department staff met with members of partner agencies to identify the problems and develop a response plan.  Members of the police department’s Street Crimes Unit, Foot Beat Unit, Detectives and Patrol Teams, along with representatives of the Adult Probation Department, Marin County District Attorney’s Office, the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control and other agencies created a three phased plan with short, intermediate, and long-term goals.  In addition to working with partner public agencies, the police department conducted outreach to involve private business stakeholders in the vicinity that were experiencing crimes and other associated negative impacts.  Local merchants including Marin Film Works, the Golden Gate Bridge and Transportation District, and Extreme Pizza volunteered to work with the police department in resolving crimes associated with their premises and pledged to work in collaboration to reduce the perception of crime around their businesses

In the beginning of March, SRPD and partner agencies launched a high-visibility program as well as a series of undercover operations.  Officers both in uniform and in plain clothes contacted 473 individuals and made 79 arrests.   The arrests were for a variety of offenses including: drug dealing, warrants for both violent and property crime violations, sex offender violations, probation violations and for alcohol intoxication.  During the operation, five foot chases originated from the transit center involving suspected drug violators and resulted in their arrests.  There was also an attempted purse snatch on-viewed by officers working the assignment.  This attempted robbery occurred on the corner of Third St and Lincoln Ave during commute hour

The department is now in a transitional phase with this operation, and will continue to work with our merchants and outside agencies toward some voluntary change in local business practices as well as some more enforcement of state laws related to alcohol sales and review of local municipal codes.

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