Author: Lt. Raffaello Pata
Date: September 22, 2017 6:18 PM
Case Number: SR17-7093

Suspects Snatch Purse from 92 Year Old Woman at Shopping Mall Parking Lot

San Rafael CA - On Saturday, September 16, 2017 at approximately 3:30, a 92 year old Greenbrae woman had her purse taken by force from her by a female suspect in the parking lot of a Terra Linda Shopping Center. 

The suspect arrived in a car with two other women.  They drove into the east parking lot of Northgate Mall II, Located at 5800 Northgate Drive in San Rafael’s Terra Linda neighborhood. 

Once in the lot, the suspect vehicle, identified as a newer gray unknown model Nissan, pulled into an open parking slot across from the victim’s car.  A black female suspect exited the car leaving the left rear passenger door.  The suspect walked up behind the victim, who was entering her car.  The suspect forcibly took a purse from the victim and quickly fled to the waiting car. 

The suspect who stole the purse (Suspect #1) was described (and later seen on video) as a young Black Female, thin build, black hair pulled up with a “bun” on top.  Wearing a blue jean jacket, a white cowl-neck shirt, dark colored Adidas leggings with white stripes, slide sandals and carrying a brown canvas backpack.

Suspect #2 (Driver) Black Female, thin build, black hair with 2 corn-row hair segments pulled back toward the rear of her head, short length.  Wearing a short-sleeve blue and white tie-dye shirt, blue jeans (ankle length), and white Nike Air Jordan type high - top sneakers.

Suspect #3 (Passenger) Black Female, medium to heavy build, black-weave style hair, Wearing a green colored zip-up hoodie with a black tank-top or bra underneath and tan colored leggings and sandals.

Video and Screen Shots of the suspects were obtained inside and outside of the Northgate Mall shopping Center.

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