Author: Sgt. Scott Eberle
Date: July 01, 2017 4:13 PM

Wanted Parolee Arrested for Human Trafficking a Minor and Possession of Cocaine

The San Rafael Police Department received information from Santa Rosa Police Detectives that a runaway juvenile from Pittsburg was possibly somewhere in San Rafael being forced into prostitution by an unknown trafficker/pimp.  

San Rafael Officers were able to locate the juvenile's internet escort advertisement and set up a “date” where she agreed to a sex act in exchange for money.  The juvenile advised the undercover officer that she was at a local motel in San Rafael.  When officers arrived, she admitted to prostitution activities and had a “pimp” who took her money, gave her drugs.   The juvenile agreed to come back to the police department where she was offered services from Community Violence Solutions and Children and Family Services.  

Ofc. Gino Rantissi was able to identify the juvenile’s trafficker as Jeffrey Berard Jenkins II, a 26-year-old male from Antioch. Jenkins was also wanted for a parole violation from a previous robbery.  

Jenkins was taken into custody when he returned to the same hotel he rented for the juvenile victim.  In his vehicle, officers located cocaine, methamphetamine, and contraband associated with drug sales and prostitution.  

California law states that anytime a minor is caused or persuaded to engage in commercial sex acts to effect or maintain pimping or pandering that person is guilty of Human Trafficking. Because the juvenile is under 18, Jenkins was arrested for 236.1(c) PC- Human Trafficking, 261.5 PC- sex with a minor, 11379 H&S-transportation of methamphetamine for sale, 11352 H&S-transportation of cocaine for sale as well as the outstanding parole warrant. 

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