Author: Lt. Raffaello Pata
Date: May 23, 2017 11:54 AM
Case Number: SR17-03592

Burglary and Attempted Sexual Assault

San Rafael CA – On Wednesday, May 10, 2017 at approximately 0244A.M. SRPD was called to an apartment located in the multi-unit apartment complex in the Terra Linda area, on Cresta Way. The frightened victim, a 47 year old San Rafael resident was asleep with her boyfriend.  She told the police dispatcher that she was awakened when the light of a flashlight was shined in her face from a suspect who was seen by the victim at the foot of her bed inside of her room.

SRPD nightshift Officers responded along with a SRPD Police Dog.  A perimeter was established while other officers responded directly to the home to contact the victim and search the residence. The police dog and other officers searched the perimeter of the apartment complex and surrounding area.

Officers learned from the victim that the suspect (See attached composite drawing) woke the victim not knowing her boyfriend was with her.  Upon discovering that the male was in the room, the suspect ran from the residence.  The boyfriend chased after the suspect but lost sight of him outside of the residence.

SRPD Detectives have been investigating leads on this case and are reviewing possible evidence items as well as contacting nearby neighbors, apartment complex management and service providers in the area. 

The San Rafael Police are asking for the community’s assistance.  If you recognize a person who is similar to the appearance of the attached composite drawing or have experienced any suspicious activity – specifically in the apartment complexes located on Cresta Drive, please contact the San Rafael Police Department Investigations Bureau, Detective Cpl. Alex Holm at 415 485-3000. You may leave an anonymous message or leave anonymous information by accessing the SRPD website:

Suspect Description:

The suspect was described as a white male in his "young 30's"; the suspect was approximately 5-11 and had a medium stocky build.  The suspect was seen wearing a hoodie with the hood up, but slightly pushed back.

  • Hair:  The hair was dark colored.  The hair could be seen under the hoodie.
  • Hair was short but curly.
  • Eyebrows:  The eyebrows were described as slightly full toward the outsides of the face.  The color of the eyebrows matched the hair.
  • The eyes were described as light colored possibly blue or green.
  • The suspect's face was round and broad.  The face tapered slightly at the jaw line.
  • The nose was normal and fit his face.
  • The mouth was slightly thin. 

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