Author: Lt. Glenn Mcelderry
Date: August 29, 2013 12:09 PM
Case Number: SR13-06441

Vigilant Neighbors Help Police Catch Burglar

San Rafael, CA – August 29, 2013.  Over the past several months the San Rafael Police Department has been investigating a series of daytime residential burglaries that have been occurring in neighborhoods throughout the city.  The police department has been urging residents to report suspicious people and keep their doors and windows locked when they are not home.

On August 28, 2013, a 1:45pm, alert residents in the 300 block of Mountain View Drive in San Rafael observed a man with a backpack, loitering in front of their neighbor’s house and was last seen walking around toward the backyard.  Several neighbors called the police, reporting the suspicious person and providing his detailed description.

San Rafael officers converged on the residence and surrounded the property.  Officers observed an open rear sliding door to the residence. 

At approximately 2:25pm, the suspect was seen in the front of the house after exiting the front door.  He was taken into custody immediately.  Stolen property from the residence was found nearby along with a handgun that was stolen from a different residential burglary.  The suspect was identified as Phillip Daniel Ercolini, a 28 year old San Rafael resident.

Ercolini was cooperative with investigators and is believed to be responsible for over a dozen residential burglaries in the past few weeks.  Property has been recovered that is believed to be stolen from these burglaries and investigators will be working to link the recovered stolen property to its owners. 

Ercolini was booked at the Marin County jail on charges of burglary, possession of stolen property and carrying a stolen firearm.

While talking to investigators, Ercolini stated that he looked for homes that had open doors and windows.  Residents are still urged to lock doors and windows when the house is unoccupied and report suspicious persons in your neighborhood. 

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