Author: Lt. Glenn McElderry
Date: August 29, 2013 12:07 PM
Case Number: SR13-05569

Check Fraud Suspect Arrested

San Rafael, CA – August 29, 2013.  On Wednesday, August 28, 2013, San Rafael Detectives learned the identity of a female suspect wanted for depositing stolen checks into ATM’s in San Rafael and Mill Valley.   Julian Nina Bagley, 28, of San Rafael was located and arrested for numerous counts of burglary, possession of stolen property, forgery, endorsing stolen checks, identity theft, petty theft and possession of narcotics.

Following several weeks of investigation, Bagley was identified when ATM photos of her depositing stolen checks were made public.  A SRPD officer identified her along with a citizen who called in to report her identity. 

Bagley’s crime spree:

May 30, 2013, Bagley steals a wallet from a woman’s purse in a Novato grocery store. 

July 3, 2013, Checks are stolen during a residential burglary in San Rafael.

July 5, 2013, Bagley attempts to open an account at a San Anselmo bank and deposit a stolen check from the residential burglary in San Rafael.  She was using the name of the victim from the Novato wallet theft, but became nervous and left the bank.

July 17, 2013, Bagley opens an account at a West America Bank in San Rafael under the name of the victim of the Novato wallet theft. 

July 22, 2013, Bagley deposits fraudulent checks into ATM’s in San Rafael and Mill Valley where her photo is taken.

July 29, 2013, two separate residents are notified by Bank of America that there is suspicious activity on their accounts.  Investigation reveals that the checks Bagley were cashing on July 22, 2013 were stolen from their San Rafael residences.

SRPD Investigators believe that Bagley may be responsible for additional fraudulent check activity and will be analyzing further evidence and leads over the coming days. 

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