Red Light Photo Enforcement: How it Works

The City utilizes the service of Redflex Traffic Systems Inc, based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Redflex Traffic Systems provide and install camera equipment and software for the red-light camera enforcement program. Automated red-light safety enforcement programs using cameras have proven to be an effective tool in reducing red-light incidents and collisions caused by red-light violations.

The San Rafael Police Department manages and controls the Red-light program. A San Rafael Police Department designee reviews and approves each citation that is issued. All violators will receive a citation with a copy of the photographs. A convicted red-light violation will have the penalty of 1 point on the offender’s driving record. The San Rafael Police Department will be issuing citations for “straight-through,” left-turn and right-turn red-light violations. When a motorist makes a right-turn on a red-light and does not make a complete stop at the limit line prior to doing so, a red-light violation has occurred.

When a violation is captured, the cameras takes a total of four (4) photographs and a 12 second video of the violation (Citizens may notice several flashes in the intersection when the cameras are taking photographs of a violation). A "Notice to Appear" is mailed to the red-light offender. The left-hand side of the “Notice to Appear” includes the registered owner's information, date to appear in court and contact information. The right side has four pictures of the red-light incident. The first picture shows the vehicle behind the limit line when the light is red. The second picture shows the vehicle continuing through the intersection while the light is red. The third image shows the driver of the vehicle and the fourth photo will show a close up of the rear license plate. Citizens receiving citations can view video of the violation on the Internet for 60 days from the date of the violation at Citizens that do not have access to the Internet can call 415.458.2395 to schedule a viewing appointment.

Traffic School is available if the violator is eligible, and information can be obtained through the Marin Superior Court at, (415) 444-7180. If a violator has received a red-light citation and would like to see the video of the violation, they can call (415) 458-2395 to schedule video viewings with a representative from the San Rafael Police Department or you can log onto

to view your violation. The violator will need the citation number, vehicle license plate, and the City of San Rafael access code ("SRAFCA") to view the video online.

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