Youth Services Bureau: First Offender Diversion

On average, the YSB receives 500 juvenile citations for teens who have committed status or non-violent offenses and this program is an excellent alternative to the traditional juvenile justice system.

Intern counselors meet with the juvenile and his/her parent or guardian regarding the incident, discuss any consequences that occurred at home or at school and assign 5 – 25 hours of community service. Juveniles are strongly encouraged to take personal responsibility for their actions and/or behaviors and counseling is always offered to the family.

The YSB diversion program is a voluntary program; there is no formal juvenile court record associated with participation in the program nor is there any recourse for restitution for crime victims due to property damage or loss. Juveniles who do not complete the requirements of their diversion may have their cases forwarded to the Marin County Probation Department for further disposition.

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